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parchi più belliVignamaggio is listed in the catalogue that groups the "Historical buildings of Italy"; in the centuries it has been the home of renowned Florentine families, rich in history and culture.
The first owners of Vignamaggio were the Gherardini in the 1300th; from a member of this family,
Anton Maria, Monna Lisa was born. She then got married to Francesco di Bartolomeo del Giocondo,
from him the appellative "La Gioconda".
The property was sold to the Gherardi family in 1421; they brought Vignamaggio to its maximum
splendor in the 1500th. After other less influent owners it was given as a dowry to contessa Elena Barco who married the famous writer Bino Sanminiatelli.
The property was sold again in 1988 to the attorney Gianni Nunziante.

Guided tours organised daily upon reservation.
Ticket Euros 10 – free for children.


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