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Agritourism means literally "agricultural tourism". It gives you the chance to experience traditional Italian country life and immerse yourselves for a few days or a week in some of the most beautiful countryside in Italy.

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Please note therefore that hospitality offered by agritourism is not like that offered by hotels. While in many cases standards are high, most agritourism offer either self-catering apartments, or "bed and breakfast". Reception facilities, if they exist, tend to be restricted to specific times, and restaurant facilities are rarely provided.

This means that you are expected to arrive at specific times, as at night there are no personnel on duty to receive the guests.

However, although the facilities offered by agritourism tend to be simpler than hotel services, you will probably feel that you have been closer to real Italian life.

Vignamaggio is a wine estate in the Chianti countryside, known for its beautiful Renaissance villa, its delicious wines, for being the birthplace of the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo and, last but not least, for an outstanding agritourism which is positioned at the high end of the hospitality available in the area.

The agriturism consists of rooms, suites and apartments, each one different from the next, situated in the villa and in three different old farmhouses which have been carefully and tastefully restored and furnished and which are complemented with outdoor and indoor facilities such as a tennis court, two swimming pools, mountain bikes, gym and a childrens playground.

We are improving the wi-fi free line inside the property; at the moment it works in the communal areas and in most of the rooms…but unfortunately…or luckily (!) we are in the countryside and the line comes and goes, walls are very thick…therefore we apologise in advance for the problems that you might have using internet…