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villa vignamaggio greve in chianti

Vignamaggio is a small Renaissance gem, its setting still very similar to the original. The core of the villa dates back to the XIV century, but its current look is the one given at the end of the XVI century by the Gherardi family who had purchased it from the Gherardinis.
A girl was born here in 1479 to a member of the family, the famous Mona Lisa whose portrait was subsequently painted by Leonardo da Vinci.
In more recent times, the renovation work carried out on the property by Counts Sanminiatelli, starting from the 1930s, have made the extension and embellishment of the gardens possible, so as to “have a natural park around the villa” as the poet, Bino Sanminiatelli, once wrote. The ambition of the writer, which he successfully fulfilled, was to “link the house to the wood, a good portion of which had been felled for safety reasons, by means of a cypress-tree lined avenue crossing the ‘firm ground’ where the wood first stood”.
The garden appears to be divided into two parts. The section adjacent to the residence, set in a north-eastern direction, is characterised by the presence of flower beds surrounded by low, geometrically shaped box hedges, each containing a graminaceous plant meadow.
Scattered around the garden are rose trees, while along the pavement going all around the villa are various basins planted with lemon trees.

villa vignamaggio residenza storica

A row of eight, hundred year old cypress-trees separates this area from the second one, where a path divides one part on the left planted with low box hedges and a group of three holm-oak trees pruned in a conical shape from another part on the right where an escarpment is covered with Hypericum, juniper hedges and various cypress-trees. From here one can walk down to the shadiest part of the garden where six century-old holm-oak trees make a fine show.
Two columns on each side of the path lead to a less structured zone with cypress, local pine and holm-oak trees. From here starts a long cypress-tree lined avenue leading all the way to the wood.
The section of the garden situated on the north-westerly side consists of a large lawn sown with varied graminaceous plants and in the centre two large, conical shaped holm-oak trees take pride of place.

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