residenza d'epoca



If you wish to know why I decided to buy and renovate a Renaissance villa by Greve in Chianti and turn it into an agriturism producing wine and oil and a country resort offering accommodation in the villa with rooms, suites, rooms and apartments for rent, pls. read the following pages…

Quis, post vina, gravem militiam aut pauperiem crepat?
Quis not te potius, Bacche pater, teque, decens venus?
(Orazio a Qintilio Varo)

Listen, I am a countryman and would like you to know what corner of the earth under this sky makes me feel so blessed. The place is called, after the vines of Bacchus and the most flowering month of the year, VIGNAMAGGIO. It is surrounded on all sides by the most beautiful grapevines, and the pervading spirit of spring in this place merits this name. It is the villa of the Gherardis.