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Wine Obsession

Wine Obsession

In Tuscany it is rare to make a wine without Sangiovese grapes: “Wine Obsession” is made solely with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and its name is reminiscent of our dreams and visions. The blend percentages vary with each vintage. After harvesting the grapes according to each variety’s maturation, vinification takes place in temperature controlled, stainless steel vats. Aging is carried out in barriques for 15-18 months. Each carton has 6 different labels that refer to a particular theme and every 3 years we select a new theme. Wine Obsession is intensely red, with a very complex nose offering hints of fruit, spices and licorice; on the palate it is soft, structured and deep. It is a perfect match for baked pasta dishes, game, roasted meat or aged cheeses. Serving temperature 20°C (68F)

Esperto Voto
Duemilavini AIS4 grappoli