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Around 230,000 bottles of wine are produced every year, divided between Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva, I.G.T. and Vinsanto del Chianti Classico DOC.

scelta uve produzione chianti riserva

The vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks of various capacities.

After devatting, Grape the wine goes through the malolactic fermentation which normally takes around 20-30 days. After racking, the wine is refined in barrels of various sizes according to the type of wine.

During these initial phases, numerous tastings are carried out in order to decide upon the destination of the various batches and, thus, the type of aging to which they are to be subjected.

After light clarification, the wine is filtered in order to respect its particular characteristics, and bottled and is stored for at least four to six months, depending on the type of product. Vinsanto which is produced from the white varieties Malvasia Lunga del Chianti and Trebbiano Toscano, is a traditional product of the Chianti district.
After three months' natural drying in a ventilated room on the top floor of the villa, the grapes are pressed and, after light separation, the must obtained, (without the skins), is placed in small 75-100 litre oak barrels (kegs), where it slowly ferments.

At the end of fermentation, the kegs are sealed and the wine is left for four years, after which it is bottled.

Around two thirds of the total amount of bottles are exported and a third is sold directly by the estate or on the Italian market. The main importers are: United States, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Holland, Austria, United Kingdom, Brazil.


la riserva castello di monna lisaVignamaggio vigneti e olivetiVignamaggio vigneti e olivetiVignamaggio vigneti e oliveti

After passing chemical and organoleptic tests, the extra-virgin olive oil is classified as Denominazione di Origine Protetta (D.O.P.) "Chianti Classico", and a green band is applied to the bottle.


The first oil pressed, usually at the beginning of November, is used for the "Prime Gocce" (literally "first drops"), a particularly fruity and refined olive oil, which is sold in special 25cl bottles.

Vignamaggio vigneti e olivetiVignamaggio vigneti e olivetiVignamaggio vigneti e olivetiVignamaggio vigneti e oliveti